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About Willis Teaching Agency

Willis Teaching Agency was born from the experience of a range of time served education professionals. We saw a gap which other agencies don't cover. We treat our staff well, in turn they put in their best performance for you, our customer. Although we are a growing business, our staff have many decades of experience in education.

Why we exist

We were tired of hearing the horror stories of poor reliability and excessive profiteering by supplying poor quality staff at high rates. Willis will change this. Our ethos is to charge less and pay our staff a competitive rate. We can achieve this by being a 100% digital agency with lower overheads and a higher standard of working practice.

How we can help

We can provide, at short notice, high quality teaching staff from a range of subject backgrounds. This can be both short term engagements and longer term strategic cover for sickness, maternity or other long term arrangements.

Our teaching and management experience lets us place the right teaching staff in the right schools. Whether you need a RE teacher for a term, or a PE teacher for a day. Our educationalists understand the importance of placing our best people in roles where they, and the students will flourish.

We have a simple billing and payment procedure which allows easy administration for your school accounts team. 

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